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News Forum: Recht / Gesetze / Beschlüsse Thread: World of Warcraft 9.0 Great Secret Realm outfits and other strategies: World of Warcraft 9.0 Great Secret Realm levels and equipment drop situation corresponding strategies
World of Warcraft 9.0 Great Secret Realm outfits and other strategies: World of Warcraft 9.0 Great Secret Realm levels and equipment drop situation corresponding strategies Berlin Mitsubishiclub Club Seite: « 1 »
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The versions of World of Warcraft have been different, and the Great Secret Realm has become a common PVE gameplay for most Warcraft players. It can be said that the main purpose of players entering the Great Secret Realm is to obtain equipment. But just like the previous version of the Great Secret Realm, the equipment rewards of the 9.0 version of the Great Secret Realm are also obtained by clearing and opening the box after reaching a certain level. However, the mechanism of unboxing is a test of character, and the European emperor and Fei all have it. There are often players who say that they can't continuously release equipment in the Great Secret Realm, while other players always produce equipment, and some players even produce two pieces of equipment. In fact, this is inseparable from the drop mechanism of the Great Secret Realm. Analysis of the probability of obtaining equipment in the Great Secret Realm The World of Warcraft 8.0 version of the Great Secret Realm will drop 3 pieces of equipment in a limited time, and 2 pieces of equipment will be dropped over time. However, in version 9.0, the limited time drop has become 2 pieces and the overtime drop has become 1 piece. A team of 5 players has a 40% chance of acquiring equipment even in a limited time, and only a 20% chance of overtime. At present, the mainstream level of the big secret realm that players participate in the assembly stone is 10 layers, and the regular drop equipment is 203. That is to say, if you play a 10-layer limited-time big secret realm, there is only a 40% chance of obtaining a 203-level equipment. It takes at least 40 minutes for a big secret realm. Even if the probability is not calculated separately, if the probability is stacked, it takes 100 minutes to get a piece of equipment. Of course, some players are better luck and can get equipment continuously, but the fixed drop rate of 40% equipment is placed there. If the average is averaged, it is 75 minutes, and this 75 minutes is only 203 equipment, 210 requires 15 Layer, it is difficult for ordinary players to finish. Comparison table of big secret costumes The number of layers in the Great Rift and the equipment drop situation How to get the best equipment in the Great Rift in the least amount of time? World of Warcraft 9.0 Great Secret Realm outfit and other strategies As we all know, the level of equipment dropped in the Great Secret Realm is increased according to the number of layers. Take the current 8.15 version (season 2) as an example, the PTM difficulty dungeon will drop 370, the 2nd layer will be 375, and so on to the 10th layer. The equipment is 400, and the minimum security equipment is 410. In fact, not only the equipment level and the number of layers are linked in the Great Secret Realm, but the number of drops and the number of layers are also linked. The amount of equipment dropped under the time limit of the 10th floor (including the 10th floor) is completed in a limited time. If the timeout is over, only two pieces will be dropped. The number of drops has nothing to do with +2 or +3, which is why many Players always can't touch the equipment in the 10th floor of the Great Secret Realm. This is the reason, because even if you hit a 3, you only get 3 pieces of equipment. If you want to increase the number of dropped equipment, you must hit the high-level big secret. Each layer above 10 will increase 40% extra drops, such as 40% for 11 layers, 80% for 12 layers, and an analogy needs to reach 15 layers to reach 200%. Of extra drops, and each person will get one piece of equipment only for a limited time. If the time expires, one person will not get the equipment. In the 9.0 version of "Shadow Realm" of "World of Warcraft", Blizzard weakened the fall of the Great Secret Realm, making this PVE gameplay that used to go hand-in-hand with the team lose its importance in the past. But Blizzard seems to understand very well, no matter how he cuts the number of drops, cuts off the equipment, etc., the big secret is still one of the mainstream gameplay methods, and those players who like the big secret still love it. I hope this guide can help you and help you get the equipment you want in the great secret realm. On the global website, we provide 24 hours a day service, providing 100% secure World of Warcraft account transaction service. You can freely and fairly conduct account trading transactions on our website. Act now! WOWclassicgp is the gaming currency provider from where you can buy many game currencies at a cheap & affordable price. The customer service offered is notch with reliable and fast delivery. We do hope that you will like to visit and buy the gold as per your requirements very easily.
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