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Plauderecke Forum: Tipps&Tricks Thread: OSRS Shades of Mort’ton Rewards
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#1 am 25.01.2021 um 08:15 Uhr Mitsubishiclub Brandenburg
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Last time we spoke about the changes we’re making to Shades of Mort’ton, we introduced new bark armours, which would be craftable with fine cloth, a rare material found only within the minigame. However, during development we’ve realised that since fine cloth is tradable, in our initial design the armours could potentially be acquired with no minigame interaction at all. That’s a problem! buy runescape 3 gold

Here’s our solution: we propose that the ability to make the new armours could be learned from a set of scrolls hidden deep within the catacombs. Not only is this more thematic, it also provides a real incentive to actually play the minigame. This tiny change adds a lot of value, and we’re excited to see how many players it’ll bring to this oft neglected minigame.

Official Merch Store Update

Still stuck for ideas this Christmas? We've got some new additions in the store for you to think about, with free shipping as well as free mystery keyring offers!

First up there's a kickass Dragon Mail tee. It's subtle, but undeniably Old School - so it's perfect for sneaking into Christmas card photos.

And don't forget - these three super-luxe deskmat designs are still in stock and on sale! They'll not only make your desk look stylish, they'll also neatly cover up all the crumbs from the mince pies you've been munching.

Last but not least, we have two epic snapback designs, for those of you who’ve been doing the other kind of skating this winter. Choose from either the iconic Map of Gielinor design or the Bob’s Brilliant Axes logo.

Plus, spend over £30/$50 and you’ll get a free mystery keyring! Spend over £80/$100 and you’ll get free tracked shipping, too. What a deal!

See all these wondrous gifts, along with loads of other Old School RuneScape goodies, in the Official Merch Store. See you there!

In addition to today's game content changes we've made a change to the way players on mobile devices will log in to their accounts. This is part of a series of improvements to our login systems and reflects our continued efforts to tighten up account and system security.

The first time you log in after the update will see you journey through a new login flow. The Old School RuneScape app will launch a browser window and ask you to enter your login information there. After this initial login you'll be able to use the Play Now option as before, meaning you won't need to go through this flow each time.Players can no longer pick up certain easy clues when they already have one.Lastly, we'd like to make all players aware that the Bounty Hunter Reward Shop will close on January 13th, 2021. The time to trade in those Emblems is now!

Of course, there are alternatives that you can use to earn gold in the game. Many players choose to buy OSRS Gold directly, which many online retailers selling OSRS Gold can do For Example

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