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The first on earth may be Arceus. Then he produced some Mew clones to travel and reproduce. However, at this point, because of the existence of the earth, we must also assume Palkia and Tiya Luca, and possibly even Giratina. Generally, only loyal fans will go to to choose Buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon. Because loyal fans need data research. It is speculated that Arceus has left in their dimension, which provides a balance for the main reality that Arceus influences.

I think it is Lake Trio who is next. They have obvious genetic similarities, and each Mews is more likely to encounter the first potential danger on earth. It is a natural population of early humans. Therefore, we now have the guardian of the lake. Any good beginning has a good cause story. Players choose Buy Shiny Pokemon For Sale to continue the beautiful story. This is heritage. The genetic guardian instills knowledge for all of them and provides them with the courage to exist in the same world as the giant dragon and the resurrected dinosaur that shoots a laser beam from its mouth.

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