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Off Topic Forum: OffTopic Thread: Things you should know about playing fish shooting games with PG SLOT
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#1 am 21.09.2021 um 06:24 Uhr Mitsubishiclub Brandenburg
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Things you should know about playing fish shooting games with PG SLOT


Although the pg game is quite easy to play. But yes, there is no caution in playing at all. We have included precautions for playing fish shooting games with PG SLOT for you to study. As the following information appears


1. First to start the game. You should start by shooting the small fish first. Especially if you are a player with less patience in hand. The more you have to choose a small fish only. to collect the prize money first to have funds to change the type of gun that in some games can do and can increase the odds of bullets It is a way to increase the reward money. Do not shoot big fish or bosses of fish shooting games first.


2. If you want to play by pressing and holding the game or pressing automatically don't play for a long time due to playing for a long time It will waste ammunition. If the fish does not die and may cause the system to freeze and may not receive any prize money due to the lack of accuracy in shooting An automatic shot should have a stroke. in case of need


3. Usually playing fish shooting games There will be a moment to change the scene. which it will change about 4 scenes together that will have a lot of fish to choose to shoot without stopping And there will be the boss of the game, the prize money will be the most in the game. and make it as easy to shoot as possible Do not shoot fish that are close to coming off the screen. Because it will cause us to miss the opportunity to win and waste ammunition or bets

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